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West River Production Serise Past SGS European CE Certification

Guangdong Packaging Institute Deputy Directer

China Packaging Union Paper Product Committee Executive Directer

Innovate Package Technology, Create Value and Satisfication for Customer!

Paperboard is the most widely used environmentally friendly recyclable packaging material in the currently world. It is made of recyclable Kraft Paper and Starch, processed into cardboards through corrugator machines. It has the advantages of easy forming, good shock resistance, high compressive strength, light weight and low cost. Widely used in daily necessities, fruits and vegetables, candy and snacks, mechanical parts and other packaging, and through waterproof technology to achieve high-humidity products packaging such as seafood.
As the first professional company engaged in corrugated cardboard and carton machinery in China, it was founded in 1954. Since 1978, it has manufactured the first semi-auto corrugated machinery in China. And from 1999, we began to cooperate with famous Germany company to produce High-speed Fully automatic corrugated cardboard production line for Asian Market. Its vision is to create customized solutions for customers around the world through the continuous efforts of our team and to achieve the sustainable development of Century Old Company.
It can provide a full range of products of corrugated board production line manufacturing. From 2Ply single face, 3Ply single wall, 5Ply double wall to 7Ply to 9Ply heavy package Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Production Line, Fully Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Production Line, And Newest AI control technology, colorful flexo printing, pre-printed cardboard production line development, with more than 60 years of technique accumulation, the company already has a supermarket-scale technique development for the field of corrugated board packaging machinery.


Solutions: Customized Industrial Corrugated Cardbaord and Carton Plant 


Valid width: 1200mm-2800mm


Design speed: 100M/min-350M/min


Corrugation Type: 2Ply, 3Py, 5Ply, 7Ply


Flute type: A, C, B, E, F, N, G Flute


Cotrol System: Siemens Profibus

All along time, the company has a good reputation in the global market, already establish its famous brand under the name of " WEST RIVER ", the River flows through the City of where its Manufacturing Base located. Through our excellent technical strength, high-quality equipment and perfect after-sales service, we have helped our customers to realize the production and sales of high-quality cardboard. At the same time, our long-term in-depth practice in the Chinese market has made us better understand the quality problems of paper, qualify of employees, equipment maintanance, factory management and marketing sales faced by developing countries, helped customers win competition advantages in developed countries by customized deisgn solution. And through our technical accumulation, we have helped our customers realize the Chinese production and management mode of low cost and high quality products manufacturing. 
Over the years, through the grafting practice of the Chinese model in the international market, we have won wide praise from our customers and achieved long-term development and cooperation with our partners. Thus we has comprehensive technical strength to help customers achieve long-term sustainable project development, we hope that the ultimate goal is to help customers establish a high-quality model project of China's rapid development mode!
We can provide comprehensive factory planning and design solutions, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging, as well as technical personnel training for not matter of NEW TURN-KEY Project Design or Old Factory Upgradation Solutions. We can achieve customer's long-term and sustainable development through our professional technology! In order to provide you with more accurate equipment solution and quotation, please send us your specific requirements of the equipment or investment requirements, we will provide you full corrugation industrial design solution for you and all the in-depth technique consultation.
West River has been committed to the research and development of environmental protection cardboard packaging material production technology, and the concept of environmental protection and energy saving throughout the concept of product research and development, for the world environmental protection packaging has made its due contribution. 
-Automatic temperature control technology to improve thermal efficiency, 
-Automatic control technology to reduce roll paper waste, and reduce product waste rate and labor intensity,
-Special technology of West River to realize high strength cardboard production, 
-Intelligent data management technology to realize intelligent manufacturing and the improvement production efficiency of workshop. 
-Waterproof technology, the packaging for fruits, vegetables and seafood can be realized. 
The production of high-efficiency, energy-saving, high-strength and high-quality cardboard products as well as green manufacturing. Reduce dust pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, land occupation area and achieve low energy consumption so as to achieve the ultimate goal of environmental protection.



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